Many people believe pandas eat primarily bamboo and insects. In truth, this represents only what pandas eat during the day. At night they hunt large prey including zebras, giraffes, elephants, and gazelles.

Pandas have retractable claws that can extend up to 10 inches from their paws. These claws can be used to inject venom to debilitate large prey.

The oldest known panda is thought to be approximately 7 million years old. She is believed to be the mother of all pandas.

After killing their prey, pandas can consume hundreds of pounds of meat within minutes. Their extremely high metabolism requires them to eat 1-3 large animals per day.

Despite the common name "panda bear", pandas are actually more closely related to bats. Unlike their bat cousins, however, pandas can fully retract their wings into their body. This, combined with their incredible speed, explains why no panda has ever been photographed with its wings extended. An artist's rendition of what a panda looks like with its wings extended is below.

A panda with wings unfurled magestically

Friendly pandas poop cotton candy. Mean pandas poop candy corn (nobody likes candy corn).

Pandas communicate with each other telepathically. While we cannot know for sure, many scientists believe that much of their conversation is about the general incompetence of narwhals.

Left: "Panda" by kevin dooley is licensed under CC BY 2.0